All World Muslim Educational Conferences

All World Muslim Educational Conferences (AWMEC) is the research development program of IJSmart Publishing Company. Through this program, we organized conferences worldwide to promote research and quality education. It’s a platform that provides golden opportunities for researchers to share their ideas internationally.

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The all World Muslim Educational Conferences (AWMEC) is the new phase of All India Muslim Educational Conference (AIMEC). 

Reform of 1886 Platform

All World Muslim Educational Conferences (AWMEC) is the reform of Muslim's first conference entitled “All-India Muhammadan Educational Conference,” organized by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in 1886 in India.

Global Recognition

This platform not only works for research development but also for providing global recognition to researchers.

Upcoming Conferences

MON, 30 MAY 2023

All World Muslim Educational Conference 2023 (AWMEC'23)

Nanjing, China

We are organizing the 2nd AWMEC 2023 on …. Virtually.  Enormous international and national speakers will be invited and many researchers will share their research through this platform………

Previous Conference

22 SEP, 2022

All World Muslim Educational Conference 2022 (AWMEC'22)

Chiniot, Pakistan

All World Muslim Educational Conference 2022 (AWMEC’22) being held September 21, 2022, at FAST National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Faisalabad-Chiniot Campus. AWMEC’22 is held at the District Chiniot as a face-to-face event to re-establish a historical common platform for Muslims & non-Muslims (Ullama, researchers, scholars, doctors, and common people) to promote and encourage their research or ideas (all scientific & social issues) worldwide……

Our Culture

We organize various conferences every year

Every year we organize various conferences through this platform, for research development and promotion of new researchers, globally.


Our vision is to work on research development and to provide a platform for new researchers.


Our vision is to provide international and national recognition to the emerging authors and researchers and to provide them a platform to share their skills.


Our motto is to promote education and research at every level and to facilitate researchers.

Want to organiser a conference?

Are you interested in organizing a research conference but are unaware of its aspects? Through this platform, we are providing this service. We have many successfully organized conferences at our credit. You can contact us to organize the one for you!!!!


Our Partners

Join us to promote scientific research

You can join us through this platform to promote scientific research and educational development . You can also join us as a volunteer.

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